Wireframing : Popular Choice among Web Designers

Website designs and layout have come a long way from just having a basic menu on the left and page matter on the right. Customers and Website owners now present a continuous challenge to web designers and graphic artists to continuously create better and more evolved website layouts.

As web designers, satisfying a customer’s expectations and still maintaining the ease of usability become our prime focus. Whether you are working in a team or alone, if you fail to use proper planning and procedures to interact and arrive at what your customer needs, then you might as well forget about becoming one of the best in the business. Failing to plan at the beginning of any project can doom the project, and wireframing is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks to help plan and proceed forward.

With web wireframes, designers can show simplified versions of ideal website layouts to customers and seek their feedback/approval to proceed forward in one direction. The ease with which wireframe designs can be created in very short times, can by itself justify your using website wireframes as a standard design planning procedure in your website design practice.

Imagine creating detailed layouts for clients as a first communication for finalizing website layouts and designs. Has this ever worked for you? Firstly, the hours of hard work and patience involved in creating detailed and beautiful web designs is much more than that required to create website wireframes. Secondly, re-arranging and shuffling are of common occurrence and its much easier to handle and implement using wireframes. Most importantly, when you have a new order, the buyers are always very eager to see what you are creating, and if you rush in to create visually pleasing and graphically beautiful versions of what the final website could look like, you are in all probabilities killing your creativity and design talent by being rushed into creating multiple options to choose from for multiple layout options.

Wireframe models of a website on the other hand, allow you to offer multiple possibilities in the shortest of time spans. By using efficient wireframing methods you can also make this process interactive and customer input oriented. After all as a designer we are helping put expectations to form for the website owners.

As you read blogs and books authored by the most successful web designers of the world, you come face to face with another fact, one they make no efforts to hide, about their use of wireframing for designing websites. The topic of website wireframes is so important for most of them that they have spared entire chapters or posts after posts of blogs to discuss about wireframing for websites.

Coming from the best in the business, wireframing must certainly be important. Right?

Well that is a question all web designers must answer for themselves. I can only guess that the general consensus would be in favor of implementing website wireframing effectively. After all it can not be without justifiable reasons that wireframing is a popular choice among web designers.

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