Wireframe software make wireframing easy

Software applications and websites are under a constant phase of evolution, undergoing changes in the departments of technology, design, usability and almost all other aspects that come together in creating them.

Design and usability form one of the most important factors that go in to the creation of software and websites. After all, they form the mode of communication and interaction with the customers that use them for their specific requirements.

Firms and organizations worldwide shudder at the thought of providing a software tool or website which the users have a tough time in navigating and using properly. This is one of the main reasons why wireframe models are built and presented to the buyers and a wide range of intended users.

While paper based and hand sketched wireframes do continue to serve very well, many connected with the field of software and website design and development are using various options of wireframing and graphics tools for building and communicating the wireframes.

While most of the software tools available present options to design and develop wireframes very easily, it is the choice and individual preference of each professional which decides the tool they use for generating, sharing and even testing the wireframes.

Since wireframes are meant to depict only a general idea of layout and navigation, the use of a design software to create wireframe models does present the problem of a wireframe being considered as the final design. This however, can be easily overcome by using tools which create wireframes in a rough or manual drawing form, or by mentioning and making sure that a customer is informed about the use and purpose of a wireframe model and the current stage of the project.

With networking and Internet finding such a high usability in each and every corner of the world, online or web-based wireframe tools also are gaining immense popularity and dedicated following of design professionals.

Some wireframing software tools present its users with the wonderful ability to create interlinked wireframes which allow basic interactivity to be integrated within the various wireframe models for the project.

Standard elements and screen components which together form a complete screen or web page are also available in some wireframing tools, allowing designers to just drag and place them to their intended positions. These can also be easily moved are re-positioned with minimal efforts to allow modification and testing during live tests itself.

This also allows quick and efficient testing and faster feedback to be able to modify and create a better solutions quickly.

The importance of wireframing as a process within the software or website design and development stage has been repeatedly proved and stressed upon by designers and developers with varying levels of experience and success. From the most successful and famous to those who are just starting out, all of them swear by the use of a proper implementation and execution of wireframing for each project.

Some of the most successful and widely used software for creating wireframes are Balsamiq Mockups, Axure RP, Pidoco, Pencil, Protoshare, Iplotz, Denim, Microsoft Visio, ForeUI.

This however does not mean that these are the only tools available and used for generating wireframes. Some industry stalwarts also swear by using Photoshop and various other tools for their projects.

One thing however is certain, that the demand and need for specialized wireframe software is here to stay.

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