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ImageWebsite wireframe models are used to illustrate website layout and interfaces, and help decide the direction in which designers and web developers proceed while creating a new website or a new layout from scratch.

Wireframe models? Are they made of wires?
Not really. Website wireframing involves the creation of sketches representing each section and its position on a website. The notion of wire frames get attached to it because of the use of simple geometrical shapes to mark the position of each and every component / website area.

Geometrical Shapes?
Yes, just simple outlines of the shape of each part of the website (minus the contents within them.) For example a circle may mark the location intended for the logo, a couple of rectangles to mark the members log-in area, a square showing where space has been created for advertisements, etc.

The main purpose of website wireframes is to provide a general idea to customers about the layout and content distribution of a website and its internal pages. This helps in creating a general consensus about the contents, general appearance and layout of a website.

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