Website Mockup : An Introduction

As Internet evolves into one of the strongest communication and advertising medium in existence, competition among those creating websites and offering web design expertise keeps getting hotter.

Customers, and owners of websites are enjoying the attention of every web designer. In fact, Internet has enabled competition to reach a global scale as every designer on the block as well as across the globe is now accessible over the Internet.

Most individuals or companies seeking to get a website designed and developed, demand a high quality of service and dependability in the web designer they choose.

As a web designer, this means you must meet the ever increasing expectations of your customer or be beaten to it by eager competitors.

Although evolutionary trends keep improving the tools and design practices, it is often the initial stages of web design that are most critical to the outcome of each project.

Rushing into a website design project unprepared can mean certain failure; however, those with extensive knowledge and experience in the field know about this and use website mockup effectively to their advantages.

Website mockup focuses on presenting to the buyer a representation of the graphical layout and visual charm of your designs. Building further from where website wireframes stop, designers use the wireframe models to generate true graphical representations of the proposed websites.

Since most textual data and photographs/images are usually fixed at a later stage of the project, filler and placeholder images relating to the topics are temporarily placed within a web mockup. The text filled in is also a temporary place holder in order to allow customers to visualize how the entire site looks and feels.

It is important to mention here that a website mockup is only an graphical representation of the website and its pages, it does not function like a web page prototype with navigation controls.

Mockup tools allow easier creation of a user interface and go a long way in helping designers put their ideas across. With easy to handle tools and options, they present web designers with choices of templates and tools which they can use directly or modify as per their own preference to form a part of the web mockup being created. Along with bringing down the design development time, mockup tools also help eliminate repetitive tasks by offering easy drag and drop procedures for already created parts/portions.

As each web site designer knows, rearrangement and shuffling of the layout is bound to happen, and a mockup software allows these important tasks to be achieved with minimum efforts. Website Mockup is also very useful in providing various color combination choices to be considered by a customer.

Artists and Web designers know the importance of presenting customers with viable choices and in the world of the Internet, where design and content are king, it is only expected that efficient website mockup should be offered as a part of your service.

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