Waking up to Mockups

Mockups are to scale and almost realistic replicas of final products and are used to evaluate designs and concepts before working upon and creating the real product. These mockups are useful in checking the designs, presenting them to customers and other users for receiving prompt feedback about any flaws present or improvements possible in the proposed product / design.

The use of mockups for testing and evaluation of concepts pans across trades and instances of mockup testing are found right from product engineering and design to software conceptualization and testing.

Within the software industry itself mockups are used for multiple purposes and one of these is to allow presentations and testing of proposed user interface (UI) layouts.

UI layouts are beyond doubt very important as the most commonly the entire interaction and use of any computer tool is through this user interface. Having a not-so-user-friendly interface is almost as good as being not interested in allowing wide spread use and popularity of any program.

Having special softwares for UI mockups as testing and evaluation tools also makes wide scale presentations and evaluations very easy to achieve. The feedback mechanism associated with the process of mockups evaluation allows developers and designers to receive quick feedback and suggestions. This feedback received is some of the most informative piece of instructions for further improvements and corrections.

Software development companies from all across the world are continuously working at making better products and also improving upon earlier products. All of this requires a constant need for evaluation as well as brainstorming about features developed. When these presentation / discussions are going on, having a mockup handy allows executives and team members to present their views much better, as well as allows managers and those taking decisions to visualize the suggested improvements in a much better way.

Screen mockups also go a long way in establishing a channel for constant review and elimination of any kind of communication errors. One important factor when dealing with mockups is to always communicate beforehand about the main purpose of a mockup and the scope of testing / evaluation. This helps in ensuring that the core focus of the mockup evaluation exercise remains on the area/function being tested and does not lose direction.

The feedback mechanism associated with Mockup testing allows a quick and easy flow of useful feedback directly to the developers. This also creates easier understanding among developers about the requirements and various suggestions to achieve their tasks easily.

It is very important for everyone desiring to work in the fields of website / software design and development to develop knowledge and educate themselves with the skills to start using mockup tools properly. These tools are actually very easy and what is important to understand is the purpose of mockups and the way in which they are implemented in projects. As one of my senior partners, who deals with educating new placements about the way we work puts it, it is important to wake up to the use and purpose of mockups.

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