Usability Design for Cloud applications

Cloud applications usually rely on internet browsers to access and run, and thus may have different requirements in terms software usability than traditional desktop applications. While this can be an opportunity for providing an increased usability, professionals involved with in the interface design of cloud applications need to keep a few things in mind when designing user interfaces.

As a result of their ease and utility, cloud applications have become a very popular method of software delivery. However, there is a danger in supplying software via the web. From a usability perspective, the interface design used to present these programs should not become too complex, risking nullifying the maintenance advantage of cloud applications. It should also take into consideration the fact that the browser window usually serves as a frame for the application, thus limiting screen space available for the core of the application as well as providing navigation options that usually do not exist in desktop applications. In addition, cloud applications need to work in different browsers without confusing the user.

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