Tired of Design Overwork? Use Wireframe tools!

Ideally the subject of this post should serve the purpose of conveying the main thought behind the words that follow below. Being an experienced website designer, I have often been pressed for ideas from those learning to walk the rope or new to the trade and wanting to know how to do less and yet achieve more.

This usually just sets me off towards giving them a pep talk about working intelligently rather than slogging it out by just plain working hard. Though hard work can never be replaced, you can work very hard on creating a layout or design and still fall flat on your face when it comes to meeting the expectations of a client.

Working intelligently on the other hand allows you to plan out your designing efforts by taking into account the exact requirements of your client and incorporating processes which allow customer interaction and input in creating the basis of your design.

It may sound a very complicated idea to all in the beginning, but believe me, it is one of the easiest approaches to successfully closing a project, and closing it well enough to receive recommendations and references from the same. Any person offering website design services, as a freelancer or as a business owner, should know the importance of having a good review / feedback from past clients. Planning your website designs intelligently will allow you to develop a bank of such good reviews and recommendations.

Further probing usually has me providing details about implementing website wireframing and prototyping as a part of their designing operations.

Both these tools in particular have helped me and countless other well established website designers to do well by actively involving our clients in the designing process.

To get a general understanding of the methodology and steps involved, one has to learn to treat the design as an assembly of various sections or parts. For example a typical website would contain various portions like navigation menu, logo, heading, body text, and banners / graphics. Putting these together as a total package and in accordance with the preferences of a client can be very easy by incorporating website wireframing.

Wireframe operations also allow you to skip creating beautiful designs without having a fix on the layout of a website. All you actually need to do is draw rectangular outlines marking the various pieces of the puzzle and how they would fit in together to complete the entire design. Doing this also gives you time to put forth multiple choices in the shortest possible time span, thereby starting the process of interacting with your client and receiving feedback on the project quickly.

Proper planning and execution are always respected across industry trades and if you depict such talents from the way you coordinate your website designing services, you are certain to find admirers in your customers and everyone else that comes across your work. Growing your skills as a website designer can also be easy with the availability of more time on hand due to a planned approach to website designing. So instead of just slogging it out on your website designs and getting overworked right from the word go, use website wireframe tools and reduce your burdens immediately.

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