Significance of UI Mockup

Amazing user interfaces and beautiful layouts don’t just get made, they are created.

Application and Website Designers across the world are always looking at creating their best User Interface (UI) for the project. This is also a need based drive and is often fired up by the demand of customers to deliver something unique, yet easy to use and understand.

Linking up verbal and written descriptions to produce and deliver a perfect UI is no easy task. It requires in-depth understanding and foresight along with good graphical visualization skills.

Some of the most successful and appreciated interfaces we see and use everyday, did not get there without any efforts and one of the most useful efforts in this direction is the stage of UI Mockup.

A UI Mockup is generally explained as a rough graphical representation of how the program and its interface would look like.

Generally when designers have to deliver UI Mockup’s, they build up on the feedback and results received from wireframe models initially developed and rated for the purpose. This however is not a strict rule and some firms / designers directly jump to the stage of creating a UI Mockup, and often increase their workload by having to create multiple UI Mockup’s covering various layout choices and options. Although this can be done for much smaller projects, teams working on larger and more complicated projects stick to delivering wireframes before UI Mockup’s.

When working on creating a UI Mockup artists look to deliver a rough approximation of how the UI would look like. In my experience however, creating a extra smooth and beautiful UI Mockup often ends up confusing the buyer into believing that this is the final design. Designers should therefore take extra precautions and be sure to mention the purpose and role of a UI Mockup to their customers.

UI Mockup’s consist of appropriate placeholders in the form of text and graphics to help deliver a picture of how the final product would fit together. In rather simple terms it may be referred to as a customized template to help see the layout and colors and can be developed further to create the final User Interface.

A good UI Mockup design can also involve the use of providing small tips and help boxes placed over the placeholders used to describe the kind of content that would be placed there. This kind of a ‘help-tips’ based approach helps the buyer to visualize what the designer means and also helps deliver the message that this is a UI Mockup and not the Final UI.

UI Mockup’s allow for an easy and feedback based interface design development process, and lead to the creation of better evolved and understood User Interfaces. Bosses and Buyers also appreciate the role they play in helping to arrive at a finalized UI for the application or website being delivered, and as a designer it helps you quickly put forth your thoughts and designs for approval.

The significance of UI Mockup’s is an acknowledged and accepted fact as a designing good User Interfaces takes a lot of effort and time and proceeding to design one without first doing a UI Mockup is almost a sure waste of good time and money.

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