Screen Mockup can save your day!

There have always been some doubts in the minds of newcomers about the use and functions a screen mockup plays for user interface design. Experienced designers, involved with the design of websites as well as graphical user interfaces of software applications are willing to swear by the process of Screen Mockup and use it efficiently in their work.

Taking cues from the designing of mockups for print and other physical media designs, computer graphic designers involved with screen design have found the process of Screen Mockup very helpful in presenting their designs to customers and end users as well as for receiving feedback to make their designs better looking as well as functionally easier to operate.

With an emphasis on setting the place for each element on the screen as well as providing a easy to understand navigation, while allowing for creativity, designers deal with the task of giving an interface to every website and software which involves human interaction. Without a comfortable to handle as well as visually pleasant interface, many applications and websites would face extinction due to users just choosing to ignore them for this.

A screen mockup also helps in putting forth ideas and options for decision makers, allowing them to choose the best according to their liking. Websites specially deal with representing a wide range of products, services, and individuals on the web, and the design of their website is very important for projecting their image to visitors that arrive on their website.

All these demands and expectations for websites as well as other software applications are met with efficiently by screen mockups. Starting from providing a representative picture of how the screen would look, screen mockups also allow for evaluation of how easy it will be to understand the navigation and other controls within that screen.

Most importantly a screen mockup allows the designer to optimize their productivity by saving a lot of time. Just imagine having a designer or a team of designers working on creating several finalized versions of the screen right up front. Not only would that take much longer, but it would also need efforts on several fronts like graphics, textual content, controls and putting it all together with relevant programming techniques. All this for just presenting the best possible concept and screen mockup?

On the other hand a designer can easily use representative graphics, text and controls and graphically put them together with any of their preferred graphics / mockup tools to give present their design concepts. These screen mockups would need to thus focus on just providing a visual feel of how a screen would look like in its final form. The need for working on the actual content and graphics, etc. comes only after one screen mockup is actually selected and finalized from within the multiple options presented.

This saving of time and energy directly reflects into increased productivity and an efficient screen / interface design procedure, and can easily save you a day or maybe more.

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