Mockup Software is not the finished software

Software design and development is an interesting profession, but along with being interesting it is also one of the most complex trades today where many development teams and persons simultaneously work together from different areas of the globe. They only know each other more by their key skills in terms of computer programming and by the role they play in their projects.

With the power and capabilities of Internet technologies being enhanced each day and Internet connectivity allowing everyone to work together in a team without the restriction of time and place, it has also brought in the need to have a well coordinated and synchronized approach to product development and trouble shooting.

One of the most relied upon tool or process which helps in judging the progress as well as in maintaining the direction of a project is a Mockup Software.

What actually happens is that teams, whether they are working together from within the same office or virtually from different places, can always lose their direction and focus because of the many possibilities being considered and tried out. One thing leads to the other and before you know it, a lot of time can get wasted on developing options and features that are all ultimately scrapped or do not figure in the final product.

Another commonly encountered issue is that of a misdirected output, with the desired function and output not being at par with what was actually needed.

The reasons for the above errors can be many like communication errors, unplanned approach, and confusion due to multiple revisions in the plan; however, the outcome is usually the same – A Failed Project or wasted of time and efforts.

These are some of the important issues which a Mockup Software targets and eliminates along with allowing for easy testing and evaluation of features and functions being developed.

The range and extent of functions and features that a Mockup Software offers totally depends upon the stage of a project, features needing to be tested and who is going to use these mockups.

Very often mockups are evaluated for limited functionality and focus on particular issues and topics. This however is not a rule and mockups with all the features are also used as beta versions of the software to gain feedback from a broad base of final users.

Based on this feedback received from the Mockup Software evaluation, companies and developers then work on improvements and suggestions received to make their software better and usable.

Mockup Software can also be used for micro level evaluation, for example to check a single function, and derive results from the tests to enhance the products power and usability on the whole.

Irrespective of the extent to which a Mockup Software represents the entire software, it is just not the finished software because it may lack many features not present in the mockup as well as contain several bugs or errors that mockup testing aims to identify. Companies and developers offering mockups for testing are always very clear of the purpose and intentions with which a mockup software is developed, and Testing / Evaluation are among the main reasons for making a mockup software.

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