Is Website Wireframing a waste of time?

We hear a lot of hue and cry about website wireframing. One simple search for the term “Website Wireframe” on any search engine will land you with hundreds of thousands of pages sharing details about website wireframing.

What do you feel? Is website wireframing truly worth of the praises so many sing of it? Or is it just a overestimated and underachieving task within the field of Website Designing?

Delving further into the topic of Website Wireframe, you will find out that wireframe models help establish a foundation upon which designers create their data.

What is a Website Wireframe?
It actually consists of marking various areas / components of a website by drawing outlines at the place where they would lie on the website page. It is said that these shapes allow the layout of the websites to be finalized and frozen by the client thereby saving designers their time and efforts needed for creating multiple graphically pleasing website layouts. Instead of that the designers just draw a few geometrical shapes depicting the overall layout of the website.

But how does this save time?
Considered carefully, it gets clear that its much easier to draw a few rectangular outlines for the areas where certain parts like the navigation menu, logo, body graphics, etc. would be placed on the website. As an alternative to this designers would have to create the entire website in multiple layouts, something that actually would take them much longer to accomplish as well as require entirely different levels of hard work.

So then Website Wireframing is a planning tool?
Considered properly, that does appear to be the case. After all, what else would you call an operation which helps exchange ideas and finalize a set direction for the entire website. A website wireframe model helps the designers present various options for a layout and content of the website in order for the client to decide which layouts pleases them best.

Is Website Wireframing done on paper?
Not entirely. Many experts do favor the use of paper in order to present a website wireframe; however, there exist many wireframing tools which allow wireframes to be created and modified effortlessly. Most of these tools consist of easy drag and drop set of standard components which go into making a website, thus allowing for even easier wireframing operations. When using wireframing tools you just need to make sure that its purpose is mentioned to the client as otherwise these can often be misinterpreted as their website itself. Paper website wireframing on the other hand do not allow for such misunderstandings as they only consist of sketched outlines for the layout.

On the whole the entire use and function of website wireframing goes unchallenged in the world of website designing for the simple fact that it helps save time and effort and also helps plan the website properly.

So if you ask me whether website wireframing is a waste of time, I would for certain reply with a strong ‘No’, since there is no replacement for a Website Wireframe when it comes to setting the right direction a website design and development project takes.

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