Even a UI Mockup requires planning

User Interface (UI) mockups go a long way in shaping the applications that all of use on a daily basis.

UI designing is all about properly creating the screen layout for a particular software, application, or website. One of the most important skills when designing a UI is the ability to remember and incorporate existing common methods and locations, which are often remembered by users globally for any function in particular.

For example you may be using any web browser to view different sites over the internet. Common locations of the address bar where we can see and type the http address of the website is right on top. The menu of most applications are also located on the top and just below the title bar of the application / window.

There must be a reason for their being placed there, and there is. Over time designs and programs have so evolved that almost every person using them is able to find common occurrences / elements at their logically designated spots. Check for yourself, if you wish to close the window or minimize it where do you direct your mouse / pointer to?

A UI designer must always take into consideration these and many more similar preset locations, that are commonly found in most applications. The reason for this is actually quite easy, you just do not want every person using your application / website to re-learn everything and search for a new location of common controls in every application. This is bound to just create havoc, lead to loss of time and will need great efforts keeping up with. And then who would want to re-learn location of tools / options for basic tasks like closing a window or saving a file.

As someone who would be dealing with user interface (UI) development you also need to be aware of common issues and presentation factors which could prove very important to the usability factor for your design.

Think about it, would you rather stick to the basics and design a widely usable website? Or would you prefer to break all the rules and create a beautiful website that any casual visitor just would not know how to handle?

Just like there are rules to sticking to a few “understood” basics, there are also methods to creating new trends and causing a evolution of sorts. This however; requires careful UI planning and helpers to be placed along the way for everyone to be able to easily handle the change.

Change is good, and I myself have nothing against it. The only thing which is more important in the case of a UI Design is to make sure that this change is easily understandable and easy to adopt.

A common practice for UI designers is to create a User Interface Mockup in order to judge from the experience of users who test it. The feedback received from these tests / evaluations are then recorded and directions to take are decided based upon the same.

Irrespective of the fact that your UI design may be path breaking or not, you still need to carefully prepare the layout and make sure your UI mockup contains all the elements you wish to retain in your design. All of this necessitates careful planning for the design and development of your UI.

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