Designing for a Screen Mockup

Screen mockup and website mockups play a very important role in presenting to buyers, or seniors in a deciding position, concepts and designs intended to be further developed into full fledged working websites or applications.

Presentations for screen mockups are usually a pre-planned event with all or most of the decision makers present to witness and provide a direction to the project.

As a designer, I generally prepare a couple of screen mockup options before hand. They however only come handy if there is a general feeling of something different is required after presentation of the main design concept. There is a line of thought that too many design options only lead to confusion and present an opportunity for the emergence of mixed preferences, incorporating sharing portions and looks of various designs among each other. This kind of an occurrence is very easy to come across and can possibly ruin some concepts presented. It also further increases the time and efforts required by way of needing another round of mockup/s.

I am not saying that this is bad, but then it’s not too good either. So as a designer I generally carry another option or two but only bring them into play when they are actually needed.

Fast paced improvements in the tools and technologies area has also presented options for adding some interactivity and notations in screen mockups.

This kind of enhances the user experience that each person viewing your presentation receives. It opens up new windows of thoughts and ideas to fine tune your design.

Interactivity also allows everyone to live the design and the navigational options its presents, so if you do have tools like Visio or Axure in your tool-kit for web design, then you should always consider putting them to use for this purpose.

Another possibility to explore while demonstrating screen mockups is to use computer based as well as physical graphic board based screen mockup presentations simultaneously.

I kind of subscribe to the thinking that, no matter how developed and advanced computer technology becomes, there is always scope for creative thinking and improvisation.

Using physical, graphic board based presentation materials allow design options to linger longer in the minds and thoughts of the buyers or decision makers. As your computerized presentation changes screens and covers different options, you can always use this graphic board as an alternate resource for giving references and linking various screen options together.

All the above ideas help in planning and presenting your screen mockup to those who have the power to approve the same; however, it is essential for you to first prepare a good design that covers all the needs and operational requirements along with presenting the same in a user-friendly, and easy to follow design.

Screen Mockup is one of the most important steps to help save time and money required for developing applications / websites. As a designer it becomes essential for you to use good screen mockup principles and techniques in order to present your design for approval.

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