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Workgroups 2010: Reviewing and Approving Wireframe Versions

Workgroups 2010 R2 introduces new support for reviewing and approving wireframe documents created by Balsamiq Mockups. This popular wireframing tool saves documents in a .bmml file format. With the ‘R2′ version of Approval Manager and Spark!, you can now define .bmml as a proofer file type and specify Spark! as the default proofer application. This [...]

Usability Design for Cloud applications

Cloud applications usually rely on internet browsers to access and run, and thus may have different requirements in terms software usability than traditional desktop applications. While this can be an opportunity for providing an increased usability, professionals involved with in the interface design of cloud applications need to keep a few things in mind when [...]

High Fidelity Wireframes

High-fidelity wireframes share many of the same advantages with low-fidelity wireframes. A distinction between the two is that a high-fidelity wireframe is very close in design to the true representation of the final user interface design and at this stage your interface prototype might even pass for the final product. This can be the case [...]

UI Mockups Design

One lesson I learned was when design UI mockups it should contains the actual data that relevant to the user story not dummy data. Few weeks ago we had a workshop for one of their upcoming product and it was mainly focused on sprint planning for that product. The process we are using is Scrum [...]

Free WireFraming tools

Wireframing is a crucial step in web design and development as it allows for rapid prototyping and helps to pinpoint potential problems early in the process. It can be invaluable to have a visual representation of content, hierarchy and layout. Read More

Web design Wireframe software

The project cycle management for agile wireframes Let’s start a new Web project. Fascinating. You have a great idea, or maybe a big mission, and if that work through the initial ideas for the final release. The wires do. How arrive? Read More

Storyboards and Wireframes

In many of the web projects I’ve been involved with over the years, there has not been a user-interface lead dedicated to the process of creating wireframes. The task has generally fallen onto a designer or developer. The former tend to wireframe in a graphics editor like Photoshop, and the latter tend to wireframe in [...]

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