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Web Design : Wireframe, Mockup and prototyping tools – A Sound Investment

Essential components of Web Design Are you someone who owns a website designing and development company? Or maybe you are in a position to decide about the tools and methods in which your website designing department operates? Website designing and development is a unique mixture of two highly specialized fields, integrating arts and computer graphics [...]

Even a UI Mockup requires planning

User Interface (UI) mockups go a long way in shaping the applications that all of use on a daily basis. UI designing is all about properly creating the screen layout for a particular software, application, or website. One of the most important skills when designing a UI is the ability to remember and incorporate existing [...]

Product Prototype Models Shine Through

Developing software products is an interesting profession. It allows experts in the field of computer programming to get together and create pieces of code that can work wonders when run on a computer and result in one of the many programs we use on our computers daily. Right from the basic calculator to Word Processors [...]

Designing for a Screen Mockup

Screen mockup and website mockups play a very important role in presenting to buyers, or seniors in a deciding position, concepts and designs intended to be further developed into full fledged working websites or applications. Presentations for screen mockups are usually a pre-planned event with all or most of the decision makers present to witness [...]

How to create a Website Wireframe with Paper

Website Wireframes help in approaching the task of designing websites in a planned manner. It also helps identify the website owners choice from the design options considered by a website designer. Creating a website wireframe and using it to communicate and exchange ideas with a customer leads to designs which find easier acceptability and appreciation [...]

Better Functional Designs by Paper Prototyping

Better Functional Designs by Paper Prototyping Being users of a computer software and website, its often hard to judge the efforts and methods used to create them. Though a varied form of approaches and stages exist, one all-time favorite has been paper prototyping. Prototypes are useful in determining the exact shape and functionality of a [...]

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