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Are you creating Web prototypes?

If you are connected with the field of website design and development, then in all probabilities you know what a web prototype is. Web prototypes can actually be of various forms and usage. Professional web designers come across and deliver websites ranging from a very wide spectrum of products, services and specialties. Catering to multiple [...]

Paper Prototyping

continued from Paper Prototyping 1 Paper Prototypes are further tested or used for representation of how a user would navigate within a tool or a range of predetermined areas. Testing and demonstrations of these prototypes generally involves a team of two persons handling and arranging the paper prototypes while providing live presentation to persons evaluating [...]

Better Functional Designs by Paper Prototyping

Better Functional Designs by Paper Prototyping Being users of a computer software and website, its often hard to judge the efforts and methods used to create them. Though a varied form of approaches and stages exist, one all-time favorite has been paper prototyping. Prototypes are useful in determining the exact shape and functionality of a [...]

Software Prototyping bridges Function with Usage

Computers and Software Applications help make our lives easier, much easier than the time when computers were non-existent. It is no secret that the use of computers and similar smart devices is now essential in every portion of our lives. Schools and Educational Institutions have also added computer education in their curriculum to make sure [...]

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