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Web Design : Wireframe, Mockup and prototyping tools – A Sound Investment

Essential components of Web Design Are you someone who owns a website designing and development company? Or maybe you are in a position to decide about the tools and methods in which your website designing department operates? Website designing and development is a unique mixture of two highly specialized fields, integrating arts and computer graphics [...]

Communicate the purpose of Website Prototyping

Website prototyping is an important operation which finds wide scale use in the web design and development industry. Playing an important role in establishing the scope, functionality and interface design of a website, these prototypes help provide a planned approach to working for a project. Providing an opportunity to test proposed designs and operational details [...]

Will paper prototyping ever get completely replaced?

Paper prototyping has been driving the website designing industry for quite some time now. Some of the most famous and experienced designers of the world stick to using paper prototyping. Is this some kind of a loyalty issue because they do not steer away from it at all? Come to think of it prototyping for [...]

Product Prototype Models Shine Through

Developing software products is an interesting profession. It allows experts in the field of computer programming to get together and create pieces of code that can work wonders when run on a computer and result in one of the many programs we use on our computers daily. Right from the basic calculator to Word Processors [...]

Web Prototyping Overcomes Geographical Constraints

One of the fastest growing technologies of the world, registering unequaled growths not just in terms of the technology it uses but also in the usage footprint and widespread availability has been the Internet. Wherever you may travel, you can always find access to the Internet, that too mostly in broadband. Dial-up access and shell [...]

Prototype Tools can help you

Website prototypes are hailed for their usefulness and the indispensable contribution they make towards the task of website design and development. Designers stick to the process of website prototyping for one plain reason, it provides them a concrete direction in which to develop the design further. With Internet technologies and website designs breaking all barriers, [...]

Paper Prototyping Still Favorite

Designing and development of computer applications, as well as websites, involves a whole range of tasks like planning, design, coding or development, testing, etc. Most of these tasks are time intensive and require efforts from a wide array of skills and talents present within the organization. Each specialized talent or the department handling these tasks [...]

Which Web Prototyping tool do you use?

The importance of web prototyping need not be stressed upon at all. It is a procedure which has become a MUST for all website design and development projects. Just think about it, would you as a web design/development professional prefer to check and tweak the website as per the specific requirements right at the beginning, [...]

Product Prototyping for the Designers

All of the new products and inventions usually start off in the mind of designers, who then put them to paper in the form of illustrations or sketches. These sketches then go through various modifications and improvements before the product seems to be really ready for a trial. I say trial because products do not [...]

Is Prototype User Interface design useful?

User interfaces form one of the most important modes of human computer interaction. Making computers, gadgets and applications more user-friendly, often defaults into making a good and easy to use user interface (UI). Most might already know, but I am still mentioning it just to make sure, that a UI is the window / screen [...]

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